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Automatic Deposit Options

Schedule Regular Payments or Deposits and Make Transfers

Ready to get your paycheck or benefit check Direct Deposited to your credit union account? Have a loan payment to make, or want to start a regular savings program? Need to transfer funds between different banks? You have a variety of options!

Schedule Automatic Payments or Transfers in Online Banking

Schedule or make immediate transfers between your CSLA-FCU Checking, savings, holiday savers and loans. Log in to Online Banking, and from the Account Access tab click on Transfer Funds. You can make a one-time transfer, or schedule transfers to occur on a regular schedule.

Transfers can be scheduled weekly, monthly, twice a month, quarterly, semi-annually and more!

What if I want to make a transfer to a different account number?

If you wish to set up an automatic transfer to a different account number at the credit union, please contact us. Scheduled transfers are not available to different account numbers through Online Banking, but immediate transfers between different CSLA-FCU accounts can be made available at your request.

Schedule Payments or Deposits from Another Financial Institution via Free ACH

Use ACH to schedule recurring automatic deposits or payments from your other bank accounts. Don't get hit with fees for making your payments with a card, or waste your time on hold. Fill out the ACH form with your bank info, and return it to the Credit Union to start your automatic payments. You can also use ACH to set up an automatic savings program with your regular savings, Holiday Saver, or IRA. You will need to know your other bank's routing number and account number.

ACH Form

Automate your Loan Payments

Want your loan payment to occur automatically each month? It's easy to arrange.

Are you paying from your CSLA-FCU checking or savings? If so, you have a choice between two convenient options. You can schedule the payments using Online Banking or, fill out this short form and return it to the credit union to begin automatic payments.

Are you paying from an account outside of the credit union? Use Free ACH to make your payments.

Make Transfers from Another Financial Institution using Bill Payer

To make transfers to and from your other financial institution accounts through Bill Payer, log in to Online Banking, select the Bill Payer tab, and click Transfer Money. In order to verify your ownership of the other account, you will be asked to verify two small deposits to that account before you can make a transfer. You can make a one time transfer, or schedule recurring transfers.

There is a $2 fee for this service. If you would like to schedule regular transfers at no charge, try our free ACH. 

You can also send payments to anyone via cell phone or email address, without having to share financial information. Popmoney is a great way to pay your friend back for picking up the bill at the restaurant, pay your babysitter, or spot your brother the $50 he needs. Popmoney is available for just 50 cents per payment for most payments. To use Popmoney, log in to Online Banking, and then click Popmoney.

Direct Deposit

With Direct Deposit, your payroll check or government benefit check (i.e., Social Security) is deposited directly into your Credit Union Account... safely and electronically! To arrange this service, check with your employer's Payroll Department (CA State employees, click here). You will need the Credit Union's routing number, which is on the bottom of your checks. Or, call (323) 505-2600 for this information.

State of CA Direct Deposit Posting Dates

Payroll Deduction for CSULA Employees

With Payroll Deduction, a set amount from your paycheck is automatically deposited into any Credit Union Loan or Accounts you designate. Please fill out a form for the Credit Union indicating the amount of your Payroll Deduction and how you want it distributed. You can specify an amount for your loan payments, savings, holiday saver, etc.

Please fill out and provide the Payroll Deduction form to the Credit Union (not to your payroll office.) The Credit Union will arrange your request with State personnel and payroll. Please allow up to one month to begin your Payroll Deduction.

To make changes to your Payroll Deduction, please fill out and submit a new form.

Overdraft Protection Transfers from Savings or Line of Credit

Transfers occur automatically as needed to cover NSF items, as long as funds are available

Up to 6 transfers per month may be made from savings

A $1 fee applies to each Automatic Overdraft Protection Transfer

To opt out of Automatic Overdraft Protection transfers, just let us know.

Wire Transfers

More information to receive or send wires.

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