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Our Skip-A-Payment allows those with an unexpected emergency to apply for a skip-a-pay. Apply for Skip-A-Payment at least 7 business days before your loan payment date. Skip-A-Pay requests are not guaranteed and will be reviewed for approval. Membership status not in good standing may disqualify you from being approved.

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Please note: If your payment is made by Payroll Deduction, your deduction will occur as scheduled and your payment will be deposited to your Savings.

If your payment is made by ACH Origination, please submit your application at least 7 days prior to your scheduled transfer. Payments may still transfer if your application is submitted after that.

Credit Cards, Early Payday Loans, Student Loan, Unsecured Line of Credit and Real Estate Loans are not eligible for Skip-A-Payment. The $29 fee per loan must be paid in advance. 

Your account(s) must be in good standing. No more than 2 extensions or modifications are allowed in each 12 month period, based on the loan payment due date. Loans funded less than 6 months prior to the application date or have not satisfied 6 consecutive monthly payments are not eligible for a skip-a-pay. Closed-end secured loans no more than 2 extensions or modifications allowed in each 12-month period, closed-end personal loans no more than 1 extension or modification allowed in each 12-month period. If there is “GAP” coverage on the auto loan, you understand that skipping loan payment(s) does not change the terms and conditions of the original GAP Waiver. GAP does allow up to two skipped payments per year during the life of the loan and in the event of a claim, any additional payment(s) may be deducted from any payable GAP benefit. Finance charges will still accrue.

If you are having difficulty with your payments and need further information, please contact Lorena at 323-505-2600x106. Free, confidential budget counseling and debt management is also available by calling BALANCE at 888-456-2227.

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