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Runs August 1, 2023 Through October 31, 2023 – Get Started Now!
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How do you enter: Complete any of the BalanceTrack module with a passing grade and you will be automatically entered to win the grand prize of $500.
More ways to win – If you complete the special Module of the Month, you will be eligible for the monthly $100 Amazon gift card drawing, and earn three bonus entries towards the $500 grand prize.

August Module of the Month

Ten Steps to Financial Success – Being financially successful means you are in control of your money instead of it controlling you. Your income doesn’t necessarily determine how financially successful you are – your choices and priorities do. If you are struggling financial success may seem like a distant dream, but by following these ten stops, you can make that dream a reality.

September Module of the Month

Credit Matters – In today’s world, credit does indeed matter. in fact, obtaining and using different types of credit instruments is part of almost every American’s financial life. However, because it is so easy ot make expensive mistakes that can follow you for a long time. It is a good idea to learn how to borrow wisely from the beginning.

October Module of the Month

Rebuilding after a Financial Crisis – There are many things in life that can derail even the best money management plan, such as unexpected car or home repairs, illness, or job loss. When in crisis mode, most people just take things day by day, hoping to get by. When the dust settles, they are often left with a financial situation that is less than rosy. There are no savings to speak of. Their credit is shot. there is debt that needs to be paid. However, with hard work and dedication, a healthy financial future is possible. This module covers the steps you can take to rebuild after a financial crisis.

Please review the program's Official Rules. For any further questions, please contact the credit union.

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